Food & Design

Our Food & Design curriculum equips students with life skills to lead a healthy life. Our students learn to prepare food that is nutritious, tasty and visually appealing. They also conduct research and exercise creativity to prepare a personalised dish for a specific consumer.

Learning Outcomes

Food & Design (Year 2)

  • Apply the principles of nutrition and a balanced diet
  • Observe, measure and record investigative data accurately
  • Interpret, evaluate and establish validity of observations made
  • Make informed decisions with appropriate justifications
  • Apply food preparation techniques and use different cooking methods
  • Demonstrate proficient use of equipment and good management of resources in food preparation
  • Make ethical decisions


Year 2

Food and Design Concepts

  • Cooking and Heat Transference
  • Food Safety and Preservation
  • Nutrition and Health

Science Concepts

  • Heat Transference (Conduction, Convection and Radiation)
  • Biotechnology
  • Nutrients and Diet-Related Diseases


Students in action during a class where they learnt how to cook one of Singapore’s iconic dishes, the curry chicken.

Food Design group cooking.jpg
Food Design Learning together.jpg
Food Design working together.jpg

Food Design.jpg