English Language

The study of the English Language recognises that language is a communicative tool which transmits values and culture, and is a medium for the development of aesthetic sensibility. It enables the individual to make informed judgements about moral, philosophical and social issues, as well as to be an effective communicator in private and public discourse. Language develops an awareness of the self in relation to the diversity of human experience and it is a powerful tool for personal thought, expression and the development of thinkers, leaders and pioneers, as well as for advocacy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate with sophistication and accuracy, clarity and effectiveness in response to context, purpose and audience
  • Comprehend, appreciate and evaluate a variety of advanced texts and media forms by applying critical reading and creative thinking skills
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the dynamic nature of the form and function of language and how it frames our understanding of the world
  • Use language as a means to effect positive change in the local and global community
  • Use language as a tool for self-reflection


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

An Introduction to Narratives

Information and Media Literacy

Critical Literacy

Argumentative Essay

Decoding Narratives

Biographies: A Writing Apprenticeship


Personal Essay

Encoding Spoken and Written Narratives

Oral Presentation

Persuasive Speech

Dialogic Discourse


EL competition.jpg

EL outdoor lesson.jpg

Learning is not restricted to the classroom – through visits to different spaces, learning becomes more experiential and authentic.
Our students are avid participants at various competition platforms to challenge themselves – such as at the National Digital Storytelling Competition in 2019.
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‘Blind Date with a Book’ during EL Week. This activity is the school’s favourite activity during EL Week. Just one hour of quiet reading and discovering a new genre of books!
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At RGS, our students have the opportunity to engage with writers and thought leaders to nurture their talents in creative writing.
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Both staff and students participate enthusiastically in English/Literature-related activities, showing a school-wide approach to nurturing a love for the subject.