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Physical Education

The Raffles Physical Education Programme aims to develop every pupils’ physical, mental, ethical and social wellness. Instilling in students the personal responsibility for one’s own total well-being will prepare them for life in an ever-changing world.
Key Understandings
Students will understand that the commitment to stewardship of the physical self will positively impact the long-term well-being of self and society.
Learning Outcomes
  By the end of the course, students will be able to

  • Independently maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Appreciate a wide variety of sports and games
  • Effectively participate in any category of games or sports
  • Understand and demonstrate safe practices and etiquette during physical activities
  • Demonstrate critical thinking when engaged in games and sports

YEAR 1 EDK8011.jpg

  • Netball (Territorial)
  • Movement Awareness
  • Physical Health 101


  • Sport Climbing (Personal Challenge)
  • Badminton (Net/Wall) EDK8011.jpg
  • Physical Health 201


  • Softball (Striking)
  • Rugby- Tag and Union (Territorial)
  • Physical Health 301

YEAR 4 EDK8011.jpg

  • Football (Territorial)
  • Floorball (Territorial)
  • Modified Golf (Target)
  • Tennis (Net/Wall)

Assessment is conducted for games or sports modules