Biology is the understanding of the diversity and complexity of life and the interrelations among organisms through the process of scientific inquiry. In this way, we can appreciate the place of humanity in nature and be good stewards of the earth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that patterns and relationships underlie the systems of the natural and physical world
  • Use the method of scientific inquiry, which involves asking testable questions, making critical observations, conducting controlled experiments and forming analyses
  • Apply critical and creative thinking to solve problems and evaluate ethical issues, and communicate the ideas effectively
  • Appreciate that the concepts of science are continually modified and expanded based upon new information and is the result of cooperative and cumulative activities of different individuals and groups
  • Understand that science, technology and engineering impact the course of history, society, economics, the environment and individual lives
  • Demonstrate the attitudes relevant for scientific inquiry such as objectivity, integrity, curiosity, initiative, inventiveness, creativity, concern for accuracy and precision


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

The Scientific Endeavour

Macroconcept: Interactions

  • Interactions within Ecosystems

Macroconcept: Systems

  • Cell Biology
  • Coordination and Response
  • Transport in Plants and Energetics

Macroconcept: Change

  • Natural Selection and Reproduction
  • DNA, Nuclear and Cellular Division
  • Genetics and Inheritance

Macroconcept: Models

  • The Basic Units of Life

Macroconcept: Systems

  • Human Digestive Systems
  • Transport Systems in Living Things
  • Human Sexual Reproductive System


Promoting collaboration.jpg
Student responding.jpg
Promoting collaboration amongst our students.  Student responding to a question.
Teacher conducting outdoor field studies.jpg
Students participating STEP.jpg
Teacher conducting outdoor field studies. Students participating in the International STEP (Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme) Brain Camp.
Teacher coaching.jpg
Student Attend Living World Workshop.jpg
Teacher coaching students. Students attending the Evolution in the Living World Workshop.