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Citizenship Education

Guided by the RGS NE Framework, Citizenship Education develops in our students a critical appreciation of the context and constraints Singapore faces so that a deeper sense of belonging and rootedness can be developed.

Our students’ social consciousness and active citizenry are fostered through Learning Journeys Week, a programme that seeks to facilitate active engagement and discussion of Singapore’s environment and the role they can play in Singapore’s continued progress.

In meeting the needs of our high-ability leaners, student-initiated platforms will allow our students to lead their peers to engage in dialogue with academics, top civil servants and professionals from the private sector on current issues through the Raffles Policy Dialogue and In-Conversation series, so that they can develop multiple perspectives and understand their nation better.

Our school’s enrichment programmes empower our students as they are provided with opportunities to co-initiate with teachers and conduct NE-related events such as Racial Harmony Day as well as participate in NE-related seminars and competitions.

Explaining the choice of high-tech farming.jpg
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Student at the greenhouse.jpg
Student at Koh Fah Technology Farm.jpg
 Our students during a learning journey trip to Kok Fah Technology Farm to learn more about why Singapore needs to be less dependent on food imports and understand the choice of high-tech farming for our local farms.