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Character and Leadership Education

Character and Leadership Education (CLE) is an integral part of the RGS mission to nurture the high ability girl to be a leader who will realise her talents in service of nation and community. The school takes a holistic approach to CLE, seeking to integrate the cognitive, with the affective and the social aspects of education. 

CLE_intextpic.pngIn line with that, the KNOW, DO, BE principle is adopted so that the pupil is provided with the necessary knowledge and understanding of (KNOW) what constitutes good character and leadership, given the opportunities to practice the attendant skills (DO) and develop competencies and attitudes (BE) of a person who is a 

  • A good steward of her life
  • An active and socially responsible citizen
  • A reflective and visionary leader
Character and leadership education is the plate on which the Raffles Programme is served, as it is attended to at four levels 

  • Infusion and integration in every subject 
  • School-wide structures, policies and practices 
  • Co-Curricular Programmes 
  • CLE curriculum 


The Character and Leadership Education (CLE) curriculum at RGS focuses on equipping the pupils with values, knowledge, and skills that will guide them to make appropriate choices, determine their behaviour and attitudes towards self, others and the community. These positive attitudes will develop them into morally upright, caring and responsible citizens and leaders. 

The CLE curriculum provides students with a clearer understanding of community values, the relationships of these to personal values, and the skills necessary for dealing with issues. 

Year 1
In Year One, the focus is on developing the pupil as one who understands what it means to be an 'RGS girl' and aspires towards a higher good for self and others in thought and deed. The curriculum will enable pupils to be self-aware, identify and develop areas for personal and interpersonal effectiveness. To facilitate this growth and encourage them to be good stewards of their lives, pupils are taught good habits that help them to develop personal leadership and maintain healthy relationships with others. Service-Learning (S-L) will also provide opportunities for the pupils to be active contributors to the community and strengthen interpersonal skills as they work in their teams. 

Year 2
In Year Two, the focus will be on developing the pupil as one who manifests a critical and ethical thinking disposition and who is adept with the intelligent behaviours required for informed decision-making. Pupils will continue to develop self-awareness and become increasingly cognizant of their interests and strengths through continual self-reflection. As good stewards of their lives and active and responsible citizens, they will continue to develop their social emotional skills and focus on serving the larger community. Service-Learning (S-L) will provide pupils with the platform to initiate action and work out their understanding of active citizenry through their involvement with a chosen group within their community.   

 Year 3
In Year Three, the focus will be on developing the pupil as one who steps up to take the lead as an active citizen in her spheres of influence. The curriculum will challenge the pupils to first take ownership of their personal development through continual reflection as good stewards of their lives. Specifically, in the sexuality education module, they will understand that personal leadership requires personal mastery of intelligent behaviours, good decision-making skills and responsibility for self and others. Pupils are developed as leaders in terms of the five Kouzes and Posner Leadership Practices of inspiring a shared vision, modeling the way, challenging the process, encouraging the heart and enabling others to act. As active and socially responsible citizens, they will be proactive in creating positive change in the school community and beyond.   

 Year 4
In Year Four, the focus will be on developing the pupil as one who manifests personal leadership in making responsible decisions as she assesses her own interests and needs and contemplates her future in terms of career choices and her role in the community. Pupils will further explore the concept of relationships and how they develop and evolve as one matures and as one's role in the community changes. The curriculum will also deepen their understanding of the Kouzes and Posner practices and challenge pupils to leave a personal endowment of service to the school community and beyond by effecting positive changes.