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Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities ensure that each pupil has a balanced range of experiential learning experiences. Through CCAs, students get to participate in various competitions, overseas trips, workshops and performances.

The vision, mission, and goals of the RGS CCA Programme are:



  • Daughters of exemplary character who embody community spirit


  • To be active creators of a better community for all


  • To develop model character and leadership
  • To foster team and school spirit
  • To nurture talents and potential

CCAs in RGS builds resilience and nurtures in students a deep passion for specific interest areas as well as leadership and teamwork. As CCAs are more experiential by nature, the learning in CCA frequently provides a balanced range of experiential learning opportunities that help develop a strong and healthy body through participation in games, uniformed groups, competitions, overseas trips and workshops.

In RGS, there are a total of 36 CCAs to cater to pupils' talents and interests. There are four categories of CCAs in RGS: Sports, Performing Arts, Uniformed Groups and Clubs & Societies.

CCA participation is compulsory for all pupils in RGS. As we strive to meet the diverse needs of the students, there is a quota in the number of members a CCA can offer due to constraint in facilities.

Click here to see the list of CCAs.