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One heart, one voice

The RGS community is made up of people from all walks of life. Each member coming together to learn, to create possibilities, and to seek new frontiers in advancing our timeless mission of nurturing Daughters of a Better Age.

"One Heart, One Voice", the school theme for 2015, emphasises the importance played and contribution made by every member of the RGS community in fulfilling our mission. It reinforces the virtues of being united, of being whole-hearted and true in our aspirations to collectively work towards a shared vision. Our learning draws inspiration from diverse sources, bound by the spirit of fulfilling one goal, to actively create a better age for all.

In developing the RGS girl, it is our wish to see that she discovers her sense of belonging, interacting with her peers and developing the capacity to move others towards shared goals for the good of the nation and community. Over the years, the RGS girl has not only been the face of the school but has become very much a part of the fabric of our nation. As Singapore celebrates SG50, let us reflect on how we have become a nation together and how we will forge our future together with "One Heart, One Voice".