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In Conversation about STEM VI (Students’ Dialogue) 2020

RGS hosted the In Conversation about STEM VI (Students’ Dialogue) 2020 on Wednesday, 15 January. The theme this year was “Truth in Science: Does Science tell us the truth?”, and the panel discussion was fronted by Prof Aaron Ciechanover (Nobel Laureate – Chemistry), Prof Ngo Bao Chau (Fields Medallist) and Prof John Hopcroft (Turing Award). Over 100 students from 16 different secondary and primary schools participated in the session, making it the first time that primary school students were involved in the panel discussion as well. Before the start of the session, the primary school student participants also had the opportunity to participate in workshops organised by RGS students from the Robotics Club and Cogitare CCAs.

STEM VI (Students’ Dialogue) 2020 was jointly organised by RGS and the MOE Curriculum Planning and Development Division, with support from the National Research Foundation. Organised in conjunction with the Global Young Scientists’ Summit, it is a high-profile platform for budding young researchers worldwide to network with one another and to interact with Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists.