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RGS Year 1 Registration

Please note the following information for RGS Year 1 Registration:

  1. Parents of P6 students posted to RGS to begin Secondary 1 in 2021 will receive a notification through Parents Gateway (PG) or email on Tuesday, 22 December 2020.
  2. In the PG or email notice, a link will be given for parents to provide their contact details to RGS by 3.00pm on the same day (Tuesday, 22 December 2020). This is for parents to obtain a unique login ID and password to access the Year 1 (Y1) Registration website.
  3. Once parents have submitted their contact details via the online form at the link provided, they will receive an SMS by Wednesday, 23 December 2020, which will include a unique login ID and password to access the RGS Y1 Registration website.
  4. In light of the COVID-19 situation, Y1 Registration will take place online via this website. (This is in place of the usual Y1 Reporting Day). Students and parents SHOULD NOT report to RGS in person.
  5. The Y1 Registration website will be accessible from Wednesday, 23 December 2020.
  6. In the Y1 Registration website, you will find all the information you require to help you prepare for Year 1 at RGS in 2021. There are also compulsory administrative matters that would need your attention and action before the deadline of 2359 hours on Thursday, 24 December 2020.
  7. You should buy your school books and uniforms online and have them delivered to your home or collect them yourself at the respective stores. More details on such purchases are available in the Y1 Registration website. You SHOULD NOT come physically to RGS anytime in December.
  8. If you require school bus transport to RGS, more information on engaging school bus vendors can be found on the Y1 Registration website.
  9. Students are only required to report to RGS on the first day of school, i.e., Monday, 4 January 2021, by 7.20am, in the RGS PE polo shirt and culottes.
  10. For clarification and assistance, please contact 6737 1845.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Year 1 Posting Results and Year 1 Registration, please click here.

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