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Learning Journeys Week 2021

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It has been an exciting and fulfilling week for our students who embarked on Learning Journeys (LJ) Week from 8-12 March! Some of the activities they participated in include house-cleaning for the elderly and interacting with them as part of service learning (Year 1s), visiting local farms and places of worship as part of the Regional Immersion & Community Exploration Programme (Year 2s), touring Gardens by the Bay to understand the importance of sustainability for Singapore (Year 3s), and going on a journey to uncover Kallang's development and progress since independence (Year 4s).

LJ Week is an important component of RGS' Character & Citizenship Education programme. It provides out-of-classroom and hands-on experiential learning opportunities for developing our students' civic beliefs, their ties to localities through an awareness of the nation's past, present and future, as well as their capacity for social and community action. Through engagement with local stakeholders, the various activities planned aim to deepen our students' awareness and sensitivity to other social-cultural contexts, and link their experiences with theory by enhancing the application of classroom-based concepts.

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