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RGS Sports Fest 2021

Sunny, vibrant and fun-filled: These are the three words that encapsulated RGS Sports Fest 2021! 

In line with the theme "Different Stories, One Heartbeat", various fitness stories of staff and students were shared before the event commenced officially. There was also a Friends Of Singa Workout by Prefectorial Board, which served as a great warm-up before both staff and students embarked on a jam-packed day of sporting activities.

There were numerous fringe games and classroom games planned for the girls, who were all decked in their house colours and ready to have lots of fun! They got to experience a wide variety of indoor and outdoor fringe games such as Arcade Basketball, Table Fooseball, Frisbee Golf and even gaming consoles such as Wii and Kinect. Classroom games were planned by the class EXCOs and teachers were also seen participating enthusiastically with the girls!

Of course, how could we forget the Inter Class Novelty Relay? The girls were busy bouncing, passing, dribbling and shooting down their respective lanes, all in the hope of contributing as much as they can to their House! It was heartwarming to see everyone trying to complete the relay to the best of their ability.

Finally, the event ended off with the Staff Novelty Race as well as announcement of the results of several key events including the much-anticipated IHG Sports Fest Winner. Staff and students alike contributed to the points of their respective Houses and we are proud to announce that Buckle House has emerged overall Champion! 

RGS Sports Fest 2021 was indeed a rousing success and it is all thanks to the cooperation and support of every single staff and student.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Parents for RGS Association (PRGS) for their kind contribution to the snack packs for the girls to fuel them for the day!



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