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RGS Alumnae - 8th Annual General Meeting

(A message from RGS Principal, Ms Haslinda Zamani)

The RGS Alumnae held its 8th AGM on Tuesday, 29 March 2022. I am pleased to announce that these ladies will be serving their second term of office on the 4th Executive Council of the RGS Alumnae:

RGS Alumnae 4th Executive Council


Ms Lee Twe Jeog (Class of 1979)

Vice President

Ms Tay Hong Ling Mabel (Class of 1996)


Ms Nadia Yeo (Class of 2002)

Assistant Secretary

Ms Gu Weite (Class of 2008)


Ms Sharon Anne Sim Soo Yee (Class of 1993)

Assistant Treasurer

Ms Law Shu Li (Class of 1991)


Ms Kathryn Harsono (Class of 2009)


Ms Jennifer Loh Nee Sian (Class of 1992)


Ms Ting Hui Shan (Class of 2000)


Dr Goh Su-Yen (Class of 1989)


Ms Ang Peck Ngo, May (Class of 1979)

Co-opted Member

Ms Ngoh Seiow Lieng, Serene (Class of 1988)

Co-opted Member

Ms Emmeline Lim (Class of 1999)

Co-opted Member

Ms Chua Shi Min (Class of 2008)


The RGSA is a much-valued member of the RGS community, engaging us through their public education programmes; philanthropic activities and inspiring webinars; as well as sharing their experiences, providing mentorships and internships as well as connecting with their younger sisters-in-learning in myriad, meaningful ways. We congratulate Ms Lee Twe Jeog and Ms Mabel Tay as they continue to helm the Association in their role as President and Vice-president respectively. As before, we look forward to partnering the RGS Alumnae 4th Executive Council to fulfil the School’s and Alumnae’s mission of nurturing daughters of a better age.

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