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PRGS 15th EXecutive Members


From lef to right):
1st Row: Ms Chin Jen Fu (Deputy Principal, Academic Studies), Yap Siew Eng (Ordinary Member), Karen Kwee (Secretary), Amy Ang (Chairman), Mrs Mary George Cheriyan (Deputy Principal, Centre for Pedagogical Research & Learning and Community Engagement), Mrs Poh Mun See (Principal), Bobba Maitri (Vice Chairman), Ren MinQin (Assistant Secretary), Judith Tan (Ordinary Member), Ms May Tan (Deputy Principal, Student Development)

2nd Row: Saleha Ghouse (Co-Opted Member), Adelina Wang (Honorary Auditor), Dawn Tan (Co-Opted Member), Sainava Bee Bee (Ordinary Member), Jean Quek (Honorary Auditor), Zaiton Sanghar (Ordinary Member), Tammie Phua (Co-Opted Member), Yannie Knapp (Ordinary Member), Wong Chii Fang (Co-Opted Member), Angela Yap (Co-Opted Member), Sheela Aarini (Co-Opted Member)

Absent with Apologies Hans Ow (Treasurer), Vivienne Ong (Assistant Treasurer), Sharon Chong (Ordinary Member)