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PRGS’s events provide a great opportunity for parents/guardians to network and have a better understanding of the school and their child’s/ward’s student life. Talks and workshops organised by PRGS for parents/guardians provide insights into certain topics which may be relevant to parents/guardians, while the signature “Breakfast Dialogues with Principals” allows parents/guardians to have discussions with the school leadership in a small-group setting.

Please visit the PRGS Facebook and Instagram pages to view updates and photos of past PRGS events. 

Calendar of Events (2023)




11 Jan 2023
18 Jan 2023

Learning Approaches Workshop for Year 1 Parents 

25 Feb 2023

PRGS Social Event - Tour of Former Ford Factory

 4 Mar 2023
May 2023Year 4 Breakfast Dialogue with Principals (date TBC) 
26 May 2023Sports Festival

Jun/Jul 2023

PRGS Awards Interview 

July 2023

Year 2 Breakfast Dialogue with Principals (date TBC)
 18 July 2023Racial Harmony Day Commemoration 
Aug 2023Year 1 Breakfast Dialogue with Principals (date TBC)
8 Aug 2023 National Day Celebrations 
25 Aug 2023Founder's Day and PRGS Awards Presentation
31 Aug 2023
Teacher's Day Celebrations
Sep 2023Year 3 Breakfast Dialogue with Principals (date TBC)
17 Oct 2023Swimming Carnival (TBC) 
27 Oct 2023Y4 Farewell Alma Mater 

18 Nov 2023

Open House 2

*Dates are subject to change.
** Additional events and talks will be organised in consultation with the school after the 21st PRGS Exco takes office. Updates will be provided through Parents' Gateway.