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Membership in PRGS Association comprises of two-tiers:

Ordinary Membership

  1.  As Ordinary Members, participation in PRGS activities is entirely voluntary, and there is no obligation to serve or volunteer your time. The PRGS, however, looks forward to your participation in the various PRGS member-only activities which have been planned for all members.

  2.  All parents are automatically deemed members of the PRGS, unless they choose to opt out. A one-time deduction of S$40.00 for membership fee (S$10.00 per year for 4 years) will be deducted. Successful applicants of the Financial Assistance Scheme will be granted the full waiver of the PRGS membership fee.   

  3. The membership fee is generally non-refundable. All refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  4. Membership fee is deducted via GIRO. Should parents choose to opt-out, please download the form PRGS Opt Out Form.docx and return this form to the General Office (hardcopy) or email to: linnet.xue@rafflesgirlssch.edu.sg by 31 Jan 2022.

PRGS Association Executive Committee (“Exco”)

The PRGS Association Exco is a group of parents who plan and organise various activities for the ordinary members. The PRGS Association Exco is elected to their office on an annual basis by the PRGS Association ordinary members. Their main aim is to facilitate the communication and interaction process between the school and parents/guardians. 

As a member, if you wish to play a more active and involved role in PRGS Association, please email prgs@rafflesgirlssch.edu.sg. Your participation helps to enhance the depth and breadth of their activities.