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The nation looks to RGS for the next generation of woman leaders in diverse fields. RGS is where your daughters develop not just a sense of self but a deep passion for inquiry and excellence and a rooted determination to engage in meaningful service to the community.

We welcome your support in providing ample opportunities for future students to excel and look forward to your generous donations to the school.

RGS Scholarship/Bursary Fund

The RGS Scholarship/Bursary Fund provides financial assistance to deserving students in areas such as school fees and various programme fees, CCA co-payments by student, subsidy for student’s ICT equipment, meals, transport and project costs etc. The funding also provides for scholarship, awards & bursary to deserving students. To donate to this fund, please click here.

RGS New Campus Development Fund

RGS seeks to raise funds towards building the new campus. We invite parents to contribute to the RGS new campus development fund. Your gift to the school will leave an indelible and meaningful imprint in the lives of your daughters and the many generations of future woman leaders who “aspire, strive and dare to be active creators of a better age for all”. To donate to this fund, please click here.