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Dad and Daughter Baking Workshop on 4 Nov 2017

The Dad and Daughter Baking Workshop was enthusiastically participated by 40 pairs of fathers and daughters. Held at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, the workshop was partially funded by Family Matters@School and PRGS. The participants had a fantastic time bonding over baking yummy treats such as chocolate eclairs. Well done, happy dads and girls!



Rainbow Project on 19 Oct

This Rainbow Project is an initiative by four Year 3 students, led by Teacher-in-charge, Mr Lim Shi Zhi, partnering Rainbow Centre (Margaret Drive) – to reach out to individuals with autism and cerebral palsy, and to foster a sharing and caring community, raising awareness and empathy of RGS students for members of society with special needs. To help the students better understand the celebration of Deepavali, PRGS supported by contributing Indian traditional costumes and accessories, wall decorations and Henna materials. Our PRGS member volunteers spent a memorable and meaningful time helping the students enrich their appreciation of Indian culture. 


RGS Teachers Day Celebration on 30 Aug 2017

PRGS paid tribute to all RGS teachers and staff with an “Old-School” themed Teachers Day celebration. The hall was beautifully decked with balloons, including sculptured balloons of life-sized RGS girls in school uniform! The teachers and staff were treated to a sumptuous spread of local delights such as char kway teow, satay, kueh pie tee, among others. Four of our talented MEP students entertained with performing old hits which were well appreciated by the audience. There were lots of fun and laughter during games, and at the photo booth as well.  It was a well-deserved celebration for the teachers and staff.



RGS 138th Founders Day and Ground Breaking Ceremony for new Campus at Braddell on 12 Aug 2017 

RGS celebrated its 138th Founders Day on 12 Aug, graced by Guest-of-Honor, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, and Ministry of Health. The occasion was made all the more special with the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the RGS new campus at Braddell held on the same day. The momentous event was witnessed by our Guest-of-Honor Dr Amy Khor, our school principal Mrs Poh Mun See, members of the school board, school staff, PRGS members, parents, guests, and student representatives from the student leaderboards and CCA groups. Our performing arts students gave a rousing drum performance befitting the occasion, and the ceremony was rounded off with the Raffles Cheers led by our student representatives. 



Racial Harmony Day on 21 Jul 2017

This year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day was ‘The Singapore Way’. PRGS supported this event by providing traditional snacks such as Muah Chee, Puttu Mayam, Curry puffs, Nonya Kueh, and colorful wafers and biscuits. There was also a photo booth for students to try out the clothing and accessories unique to our various cultures. The students also had a chance to learn making Chinese lanterns, Bungga Banggar (traditional symbol of Malay weddings), Thoranam (Tamil coconut leaf decoration), and the art of Henna.

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Self Defence Class on 8 Jul 2017

The self-defence class organized by PRGS at Kapap Gym was well received by participants. The 3-hour interactive session taught participants essential self defence techniques and practical tips on fending off assailants. Participants learnt useful techniques and mothers and daughters had a great bonding time.


Sports Festival on 26 May 2017

The Sports Festival started brightly with perfect weather. Excitement was in the air as the Milo van was coming. PRGS supported by participation in the Teachers–Parents relay event, and also ensured students did not go hungry with provision of yummy snacks like Sunshine buns and Hokkaido ice cream.  

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RGS Open House on 20 May 2017

RGS hosted its Open House on 20 May showcasing its unique school programme and activities. PRGS had a booth sharing useful information with prospective parents and students. The day rounded up with performances from our performing arts students and the Raffles House cheers.



Appreciation Dinner on 17 Apr 2017

The School hosted an Appreciation dinner for the outgoing 14th Exco and 15th incoming Exco on 17 Apr 2017. It was great to see the fantastic camaraderie among everyone. Thank you, Mrs Poh for hosting us to a delightful evening!

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Saturday, 25 March 2017, 10.30am Raffles Room, RGS

The 15th AGM opened with the Chairman’s Address, followed by the Confirmation of Minutes of the last AGM, Adoption of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2016, Election of Office Bearers for 2017/2018 and ended with a Vote of Thanks by Mrs Poh to the outgoing 14th EXCO and welcoming the incoming 15th EXCO.

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RGS Talk: "Preparing our girls and ourselves in a world of disruption"
Saturday, 25 March 2017, 9am Raffles Room, RGS

PRGS members enjoyed the sharing by Ms Val Jihsuan Yap (Founder, PolicyPal) and Mr Liew Nam Soon (Managing Partner, Financial Services ASEAN, EY) on the growth of TECH firms and the impact that automation has on our traditional business models.  

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PRGS Lohei Dinner 8 Feb 2017

On 8 Feb 2017 PRGS organized a Lohei dinner to show its appreciation to all the parents and school staff who have helped and supported our events. 

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Orientation Tea, 6th January 2017

A New Year, a new cohort and a new beginning


Reporting Day, 22nd December 2016

As always many anxious parents and in-coming students thronged our corridors with excitement and nervousness.  The parent volunteers did their part to make the transition from primary to the secondary school as stress-free as possible giving them adequate insights into what they can look forward to. Some of our girls helped with registration of new PRGS members. That’s the spirit!

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Orientation Tea, 6th January 2017

A New Year, a new cohort and a new beginning…

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Saturday 19th March 2016, 11am Cyber Learning Centre, RGS

The 14th AGM opened with the Chairman’s Address, followed by the Confirmation of Minutes of the last AGM, Adoption of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2015, Election of Office Bearers for 2016/2017 and ended with a Vote of Thanks by Raffles Institution.


Orientation Tea, 8th January 2016

A New Year, a new cohort and new beginning...