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Raffles Academy 2.0

The Raffles Academy 2.0 (RA 2.0), implemented in 2018, caters to Year 3 & 4 students’ varied talents or interests. Students broaden and/or deepen their learning in a particular area of study through Coursework or Research Modules. This inclusive, opt-in programme combines the best features of three instructional programmes to develop in Y3-4 students the fundamental skills and passion for research and creative problem solving (Research Studies), to cater to the many varied interests of these students beyond the academic curriculum (Year 4 Options) and to stretch and challenge students with advanced knowledge and skills in their talent area (Raffles Academy). These modules are taught by RGS teachers as well as industry practitioners and experts in tertiary institutions. Qualitative reports describe the ‘process’ as well as ‘product/performance’ of students in this programme for a more holistic evaluation of the students’ learning journey in RA 2.0.