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Raffles Diploma

The Raffles Diploma (RD) is a certification that recognises student participation and achievements in five development domains - Cognitive, Character and Leadership, Community and Citizenship, Arts and Aesthetics, as well as Sports and Health. In this way, the RD is a testament to the holistic educational experience that the Raffles Programme aims to provide for each student, developing her as Person, Thinker, Leader and Pioneer.

The RD is criterion-referenced and is awarded on a tiered basis - Raffles Diploma, Raffles Diploma with Merit and Raffles Diploma with Distinction. Upon meeting the base criteria across all five development domains, Rafflesians are automatically awarded the RD, with exceptional students obtaining a Merit or Distinction in a particular domain. For the Merit award, submission of a short reflection essay is required to ascertain students' quality of experience within the domain(s). For the Distinction award, students are required to submit a written statement of his/her interest, involvement and reflections in the respective domain(s). RD Distinction is awarded upon recommendation by a Select Committee which comprises external readers.