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Device Management Application

Device Management A​pplication Installation​​​​​​​

    • Your child’s/ward’s PLD will be installed with a Device Management Application (DMA) to provide a safer digital environment for learning.

    • Installation of the DMA will be performed after the collection of the device. Students will be guided on the installation.

    • This applies to both devices purchased through the school and pre-existing student-owned devices.

    • The DMA will be funded by MOE and will be uninstalled from the device when your child/ward graduates/leaves the school. 
In​-School DMA​ ​Settings (Default)
Schools will determine DMA settings for in-school use. As a default, these settings will continue to be in place after school as well:

    • MOE and the school will set the level of web content filtering, including filtering out objectionable content or content that may not be conducive to teaching and learning (e.g. social media, pornography, gambling, or websites containing extremist content)

    • Students will be able to use the device from <06.00 a.m. to 11 p.m.> (to be decided by the school) daily

    • The school will determine the apps and programs to be installed to support teaching and learning

Providing Parents/Guardians with Greater Choice for After-School PLD Use
Default Option A Option B
​In-school DMA settings will continue after school hours Parents/Guardians can modify the DMA settings after school hours Parents/Guardians can choose to disable DMA after school hours
For parents/guardians who want their child’s/ward’s use of the devices to be restricted only to teaching and learning, and prefer to leave it to the school to decide on DMA settings after school hours. 

For parents/guardians who want more leeway over the use of the device, and prefer to take charge of the level of restrictions for their child’s/ward’s use of the device after school hours

​For parents/guardians who do not want their child's/ward's use of the device to be regulated by DMA after school.

    • Having default school settings continue after school hours is the best option for parents/guardians who prefer not to, or do not feel ready to manage their child’s/ward’s device use on their own.​

    • Parents/guardians can request to change their choice of DMA settings at any time

No data will be collected during use of PLD after school hours

Default  Option A Option B
​Protecting students from objectionable content ​MOE/school sets level of web content filtering Parents/Guardians can apply additional content filtering ​No content filtering
Reduce distractions from learning through control of applications  Parents/Guardians and students unable to install additional app​lications Parents/Guardians and/or students can install applications after school hours, but these applications are disabled during school hours​
 Limit screen time  School sets hours during which students are able to use the device online  ​Parents/Guardians can modify the amount of screen time *  ​No control over screen time
 ​Parent/guardian account Provided to allow monitoring of PLD activities after school hours​​  ​Not provided
 ​Monitor students’ cyber activities Parents/Guardians can track their child’s/ward’s browser history after school hours​ ​Parents/Guardians will not be able to monitor or control their child’s/ward’s use of the device through the DMA after school hours 

No data will be collected during use of PLD after school hours

Screen time limits set by the school will override parents’/guardians’ settings during school hours.

Deciding on the Choice of After-School DMA Option
Parents/guardians may wish to consider the following questions before deciding on the choice of after-school DMA option which is best for your child’s/ward’s learning.

  • Child’s/ward’s current device usage habits
    • How much time does my child/ward spend on their device?
    • How well is my child/ward able to regula​​te their device usage on their own?
    • Does my child/ward get easily distracted while doing online learning?

  • Parents’/Guardians’ involvement
    • How confident and familiar am I with managing my child’s/ward’s cyber wellness?
    • Are there existing routines and open conversations on the use of the Internet at home?
    • Am I aware of how to prevent different types of cyber threats that my child/ward might face?​


​​ Data Collected by the DMA​
The DMA does NOT collect any of the following data:

  • Login IDs and passwords entered into websites or into any applications

  • Actions performed (e.g. posts, online comments, items added to a shopping cart, etc.) when visiting websites and using apps

  • Documents and photos stored in the PLDs

  • PLD location

  • Webcam videos and microphone recordings