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The development of RGS 1:1, which started in 2010, aims to provide our students with the opportunity to pick up ICT skills in the course of learning the various subject disciplines, and also to build students' capacity in digital literacy. Over time, while they become more independent and self-directed as learners, our students also become more discerning users of digital technology. Our experience with RGS 1:1 will put us in good stead with the implementation of Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary schools from 2021. RGS students will be required to use an iPad, Apple Pencil and keyboard for their learning.1-2.2 Library Bookshelves_Students Learning with iPad__EK31808_Web Res.jpg
Lessons in the curriculum and co-curriculum will be designed intentionally to allow students to have the opportunity to apply their digital literacy, as we enable them to be future-ready in a digital world.