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Teaching & Learning

The Raffles classroom fosters a passion for lifelong learning through the following approaches:

  • Authentic: Draws on real-world knowledge of local and global contexts
  • Learner-centred: Encourages active participation, exploration, discovery and collaboration among learners
  • Process-focused: Emphasises ways of thinking and the development of disciplinary skills in the various fields
  • Integrative: Builds on the inter-connectedness of ideas across disciplines

Hence, teaching and learning here is always Learner-Centred, Teacher-Facilitated with continuous feedback and support.
The videos below depict typical scenes in an RGS classroom of how these principles are applied.

Year 2 Higher Chinese Lesson - Rhetorical Questioning and Characterisation Through Speech

Evidence of Learning

Year 3 Physics - Inquiry with Teacher Guidance

Year 3 History - Cultural Revolution in Communist China (use of Paul's Elements of reasoning as a metacognitive tool to examine the appeal to extremism)