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The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is a committed supporter of the Arts. She enjoys and shows appreciation for the different art forms.
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The Advocate

The Advocate is a leader in organising and advocating the cause of her chosen art form. She seeks to understand the needs of society and addresses them through her knowledge in the various art forms.

The Explorer

The Explorer is willing to try new things, stretch and explore, and is not afraid of failure. She is a risk-taker and uses critical skills and knowledge to make discerning choices through her aesthetic faculties.
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The Creator

The Creator demonstrates mastery in her chosen art form through the creation of new and original works, using her chosen art form to further social causes.

Curriculum Goals

Vision: To aspire, strive and dare to be insightful young ladies whose creative energies will actively contribute and transform the home and society for the better.

Mission: To nurture young ladies with sensitivity to the aesthetics, equipped with life skills which will enable them to lead meaningful lives and serve society.

  • To develop literacy and skills in Music, Design and Technology, Visual Art and Culinary Art in our young ladies
  • To foster a passion for the aesthetics as well as the spirit of innovation and enterprise
  • To enable the engagement of Aesthetics for expression
  • To nurture gracious and cultured young ladies

By completing the Aesthetics curriculum, you will be able to:
  • Engage in effective creative thinking
  • Apply design thinking to solve authentic problems
  • Appreciate an array of art forms
  • Apply life skills and metacognition effectively

Music and Design

The Music and Design curriculum is designed to develop the student’s aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking skills through the experience of a variety of music traditions and genres. It serves as a platform for students to experience musical expressions through active listening, collaborative performance and creative composition.

Art and Design

The Visual Art and Design curriculum is designed to develop the student’s aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking skills through the exploration of various art media and traditions. It serves as a platform for the student to experience various visual expressions through art creation and criticism.

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology curriculum is designed to fire the imagination of the student as she goes through the creative design process to conceptualise and create an artefact that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, in response to an authentic design situation. This is done through interacting with the physical world, manipulating materials and applying technology creatively and innovatively.

Food and Design

The Food and Design curriculum is designed to equip the student with the food preparation skills to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is done through the study of nutrition, the science and craft of cooking methods, visual presentation of a dish and designing a personalised meal for a specific consumer in mind.

Events and Activities

Students' Works

Music and Design Electronic Dance Music Video Year 2 Songwriting
Music Elective Programme Public Performances
Art and Design Year 1 Stop-Motion Video Year 2 Painting
Special Art Programme Year 1 Digital Art Year 2 Painting Year 3 Design Video
Design and Technology Video 1 Video 2 Image
Food and Design Image 1 Image 2 Video