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Character & Leadership Education

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The Confident Newbie

The Confident Newbie conducts herself with pride. She is aware of herself and her role in the community.
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The Empathetic Teenager

The Empathetic Teenager serves with pride. She is a person who is ethical and actively contributes to the community.

The Courageous Leader

The Courageous Leader leads with courage. She is a person who is confident in engaging and enabling others in service to the community.
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The Positive Contributor

The Positive Contributor inspires commitment. She is a person who is passionate and committed to making a positive change.

Curriculum Goals

Good Stewards of Their Lives

Active & Socially Responsible Citizens

Reflective & Visionary Leaders

You will learn that good stewards:

  • Recognise that like others, they are unique and possess both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use their abilities and talents to live life responsibly and be contributing members of the community.
  • Are intrinsically motivated and exercise self-control over their thoughts.
  • Acquire a repertoire of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Are socially responsible and caring individual citizens who engage constructively and proactively with others and the community.

You will understand that active and responsible citizens:

  • Forge their identity from belonging to a community.
  • Reciprocate the privileges they have enjoyed.
  • Uphold the values and standards of the school and country.
  • Care for and defend their country (Singapore).
  • Live with a purpose demonstrated by positive contributions.

You will come to appreciate that:

  • Leadership of others starts with honest leadership of self.
  • Leadership is everyone’s business.
  • Leadership is about making a positive difference in in one’s sphere of influence.
  • Leadership takes deliberate practice.
  • Ethics is central to leadership.

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