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Co-Curricular Activities

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The Athlete

The Athlete strives to set an example for others both on and off the playing field. She embodies and reflects diligence, courage, kindness and respect for her fellow athletes.
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The Artiste

The Artiste learns to nurture her creative expression and performing skills, developing a sense of graciousness and appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-cultural society.
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The Guardian

The Guardian encourages discipline and teamwork in her various activities, builds resilience and serves different members of the community.
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The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast pursues her passions and builds an in-depth understanding of and expertise in her areas of interest. She delights in developing herself and her teammates in a collaborative environment.

Co-Curricular Activity Goals

CCA participation is compulsory for all students in RGS. Through CCAs, you will:

  • Build resilience and nurture passion in your areas of interest
  • Develop skills in leadership and teamwork
  • Strengthen camaraderie with your peers who share similar passions or talents
  • Forge character and social competencies as you interact with your teammates
  • Explore learning opportunities to develop a strong and healthy body
  • Have the opportunities to participate in competitions, attend workshops, and perform for an audience

Co-Curricular Activities in RGS

Physical Sports

Visual & Performing Arts

Uniformed Groups

Clubs & Societies





Rhythmic Gymnastics






Table Tennis


Track & Cross-Country

Trampoline Gymnastics

Art Club

Angklung Ensemble

Band Symphonic

Chinese Orchestra


Dance International

Ethnic Dance

Guitar Ensemble

Handbell Ensemble

Photographic Society

Raffles Drama

String Ensemble

Girl Guides

Girls’ Brigade

National Cadet Corps

National Police Cadet Corps (Sea)

Red Cross Youth

Debate & Oratorical Society

Cogitare Club

Infocomm Club

Raffles Mind Sports

Robotics Club

Events and Activities

Physical Sports

Visual & Performing Arts

Watch the video below for snippets of our Performing Arts groups in action during the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2021!

Uniformed Groups

Clubs & Societies