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Physical Education

The Health Advocate.jpg

The Health Advocate

The Health Advocate strives to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She is a fitness enthusiast who understands the importance of keeping active and having a positive frame of mind towards her body and inner self.
PE_The Outdoor Explorer.jpg

The Outdoor Explorer

The Outdoor Explorer reconnects with nature, embraces challenges and self-discovery. She is a rugged adventurer who demonstrates resilience, keeps an open mind and takes calculated risks.
The Team Player.jpg

The Team Player

The Team Player possesses determination and integrity. She applies critical thinking and helps her team make responsible decisions in game situations. She respects her teammates and competitors, displays sportsmanship and humility in her pursuit of excellence.

Curriculum Goals

At the end of your four years in RGS, you will be able to:

  • Independently maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Appreciate a wide variety of physical activities
  • Effectively participate in any category of games or sports
  • Understand and demonstrate safe practices and etiquette during physical activities
  • Demonstrate critical thinking when engaged in physical activities
  • Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences

PE Curriculum

Main Curriculum

  • Sports/Games – Badminton, Floorball, Football, Fundamental Gymnastics, Netball, Softball, Sport Climbing, Tennis, Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physical Health

Co-Curriculum Activities

  • Community First-Aid and CPR/AED
  • Netball Carnival
  • Outward Bound Singapore

School Events

  • Sports Festival
  • Swimming Carnival

Events and Activities