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Message by Deputy Principal

RGS places a high premium on Professional Development that nurtures the faculty’s sense of efficacy and organizational engagement. In our students, we hope to instill their confidence to inquire, venture and problem-solve.

With this in mind, the team at the Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning facilitates inquiry into our curriculum and pedagogy and nurtures job-embedded professional learning.  We critically question the effectiveness of our policies and practices, construct our own knowledge about our professional practice and essentially, hone the artistry of our craft.

 Our beliefs are articulated in the following philosophy:

 Uncovering Wisdom Through Pedagogy.

This statement attests to the depth of thinking and persistence required of educators who wish to ignite learning. An educator who uncovers wisdom through pedagogy is not content with the coverage of facts and details but explores ways to link the knowledge to the real world. 

We are eager to engage with the fraternity to share ideas on pedagogy, research and professional development.  I, therefore, take this opportunity to welcome you to participate in our biannual Symposium entitled ‘The Reflective Practitioner: Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.’ It will be held on April 20, 2018, and includes an ‘Open Classroom’ segment, where participants from other institutions are invited to observe our lessons, as well as co-teach with our teachers in selected classrooms.  

Indeed, the goal is that we learn to learn and take delight in doing so.


Mary George Cheriyan

Deputy Principal, PeRL and Community Engagement