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Message by Deputy Principal

We set up the RGS Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning to investigate, learn and apply pedagogical standards, with a special focus on the education of high ability girls.

Our beliefs are articulated in the following philosophy:

Uncovering Wisdom Through Pedagogy

This statement attests to the thinking and persistence required of educators who wish to ignite learning. Robert Sternberg, who advocates teaching for wisdom, describes it as  ‘the application of intelligence and experience toward the attainment of a common good.’ An educator who uncovers wisdom through pedagogy is not content with coverage of facts alone but explores ways of linking knowledge to real world. 

At the heart of this wisdom is reflective practice. By critically inquiring into our practice, we construct our own pedagogical knowledge and essentially, hone the artistry of our craft. As a teacher, I have experienced the magic of re-framing lessons to meet unique classroom situations, which Donald Schon so accurately describes as ‘indeterminate’ and  ‘swampy.’

Believing in the value of professional discourse, we keenly engage with the educational fraternity by presenting at conferences. We also offer Consultancy, sharing practitioner-oriented pedagogies, customized to school needs. In addition, we are always thrilled when educators join us in our annual Open Classroom, biannual Symposium and contribute to ‘Insights’, our in-house publication. 

Wishing you a good year of learning and inquiring. 

Mary George Cheriyan

Deputy Principal, PeRL and Community Engagement