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RGS PeRL is helmed by a Deputy Principal who drives its strategic agenda and operations. She works with a team comprising the Heads of Consultancy and Professional Development, Lead Teachers, Specialists which include a Senior Research Executive, and Senior Teachers. PeRL’s uniqueness lies in its provision of the Specialist track for teachers, an alternative career pathway to the Teaching and Leadership tracks. The work of the RGS Specialists facilitates a stronger interface between educational research and classroom improvement, strengthening the theory-practice nexus in research.

Mrs. Mary George Cheriyan
Deputy Principal, PeRL and Community Engagement

Mrs. Lucille Yap
Head, Consultancy

Ms. Foo Ling Ling
Head, Professional Development

Mrs. Tan Kum Chee
Lead Teacher

Mrs. Chew Meek Lin
Lead Teacher

Ms. Tan Yen Chuan

Mr. Azahar Bin Mohamed Noor

Ms. Masturah Abdul Aziz
Senior Executive, Research

Mr. Lim Er Yang
Senior Teacher

Mrs. Leung Hui Leng
Senior Teacher

Ms. Sandi Kum 
Senior Teacher

Mrs. Jassie Teo
Senior Teacher

Mr. Chan Sau Siong
Senior Teacher