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RGS PeRL Consultancy, the second domain of RGS PeRL, firmly believes in the professional development and empowerment  of  classroom teachers with innovative strategies to educate high ability girls to be leaders of tomorrow.  

RGS PeRL Consultancy endeavors to create a practitioner-oriented learning environment by offering a wide variety of professional development workshops that cater to teachers' needs as adult learners. Our workshops, which focus on evidence-backed pedagogies, facilitate job-embedded training to build and strengthen teachers’ capacity and professional competencies to enhance students’ learning experiences and to equip students with the relevant knowledge, skills and values for living and working in the 21st Century.

 Upholding the belief that people learn best by doing, RGS PeRL Consultancy provides a 6-hour Practice Study, a post-workshop activity which allows for invaluable ground-level feedback and guided application of the theory to actual classroom practice. In brief, the theory-practice nexus is strongly emphasized and embraced by RGS PeRL Consultancy.

 RGS PeRL Consultancy also provides invaluable opportunities for academic engagement, collaborative work and professional discourse on pedagogical approaches to Gifted Education (especially for  Asian girls) in Asia and beyond.

Strategic Intent of the Consultancy Domain

The strategic intent of RGS PeRL Consultancy domain, an in-house Consultancy, is as follows:


Develop a collaborative community of effective educational practitioners who are committed to the enhancement of student learning and achievement.


Engage educational practitioners in professional discourse and collaborative sharing and learning.


Develop the purposive pedagogical thinking that drives the teaching pedagogy to bring about intentional learning.

Cultivate a professional developmental responsiveness to improve the learning-teaching process and have an  action-research oriented perspective to classroom practices.

Empower educational practitioners in developing and applying their competencies, related to professional knowledge and practice and job performance, through research and practice.

RGS PeRL Consultancy Model

School leaders and classroom practitioners, as part of the educational fraternity, must align their  educational objectives to Ministry of Education’s Desired Outcome of Education as well as ensure that the national educational objectives are achieved.  Thus, in RGS, the curriculum will focus on “Teach for Understanding” and 21st Century competencies.

In line with this, RGS PeRL was set up to engender a culture of informed practice by nurturing the reflective practitioner who constantly seeks to refine his or her craft. RGS PeRL comprises three domains: research, consultancy and professional development (Figure 1).

To ensure that the curriculum intent is achieved, RGS PeRL Consultancy Model adopts the following organizational structures to create, deliver and capture values:

      •  the sharing of evidence-backed pedagogical practices with the education fraternity, both local and international, through professional development workshops,
      •  acting as a feedback mechanism for curriculum monitoring and review for the Raffles Programme and
      •  providing an engaging avenue for academic and professional discourse.

An Avenue for Engagement

RGS PeRL Consultancy provides platforms for teachers to interact and engage in academic and professional discourse. It also encourages teachers to share their knowledge and skills through facilitation at PeRL Training workshops.