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*In light of the Covid-19 situation, we are not taking any requests for Consultancy workshops until further notice.

PeRL Consultancy seeks to create and sustain a productive support system for classroom practitioners to enhance student learning   by facilitating professional discourse on research-based teaching and learning practices.  

The overarching objective is to develop teacher leadership.

What We Do

 To meet 21st century educational objectives, PeRL Consultancy offers services on curriculum design and pedagogy that is learner-centered and engaging.

 Teaching and learning is at the center of classroom practitioners’ actions


PeRL Consultancy involves the following:

  • CONDUCT customized school-wide or department-based professional development workshops 
  • CONDUCT developmental classroom visits to give you feedback on teaching-learning
  • PROVIDE consultation on curriculum-related matters e.g. curriculum map design  and pedagogical practices
  • PROVIDE job-embedded learning on curriculum design and implementation
  • SHARE research findings and good pedagogical practices in our biennial in-house publication and professional  development events including PeRL symposium

 Contact Details

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Mrs Lucille Yap, Head Consultancy

e-mail :

phone:  69706460