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Differentiation Workshop by Professor Carol Ann Tomlinson

RGS is proud to organize a workshop on Differentiated Instruction presented by world-renowned differentiated instruction expert Professor Carol Ann Tomlinson on 3 September 2018 for all RGS teachers and senior management.

Professor Carol Ann Tomlinson is William Clay Parrish, Jr. Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education where she is also Co-Director of the University's Institutes on Academic Diversity. She is best known for her innovative work with Differentiated Instruction education techniques and is the author of over 250 books and other educational materials on differentiation.

This intensive one-day workshop was specially customised to help RGS teachers continue to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to design effective differentiation in the curriculum, formative assessments, classroom environment and management. During the workshop, active planning for student differences in classrooms was advocated whereby teachers reviewed and analyzed examples of strategies that can be effective for addressing student variance in readiness, interest, and learning profile.