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RGS-NIE Signing of LOI


On 17 November 2021, Raffles Girls’ School  (RGS) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP) of National Institute of Education (NIE),  Nanyang Technological University.

This LOI provides a framework for voluntary cooperation between RGS and CRPP. Additionally, for RGS, the partnership provides the school access to the knowledge, network and skills of CRPP to help support our research and professional development efforts. 

A partnership committee has been  formed to oversee the implementation of various projects and activities that have been proposed under this partnership. It comprises advisors and members, with the former providing input and insights on the strategic direction of the partnership/collaboration. The panel members of the Committee comprises the following representatives: 

RGS Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning (PeRL)



Mrs Mary George Cheriyan

Deputy Principal, Ctr for PeRL & Community Engagement

Dr. Kwek Beng Kiat Dennis

Centre Director, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice


Mrs Lucille Yap, Lead Specialist

Ms Tan Yen Chuan, Specialist

Mr Azahar Noor, Specialist

Dr. Caleon Imelda Santos, Assistant Dean, Partnerships

Dr. Ho Pau Yuen Jeanne Marie, Senior Teaching Fellow

Ms Ong Woei Ling Monica, Teaching Fellow

Dr Uma Natarajan, Research Manager

RGS looks forward to greater collaboration with CRPP over the next three years, to advance educational research that informs practice and policy, enhances professional learning and promotes the improvement of teaching and learning in RGS and the wider educational community.