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Research Office

Research in RGS

The PeRL Research Academy steers educational research in RGS. As a research office, it monitors research standards and ethics, providing the infrastructure for reflective practice for staff.

All staff who embark on research are required to submit the RGS Research Proposal in which they indicate the research purpose, design and methodology.

The RGS Research Academy Handbook provides information and guidelines for all research-related information, which includes the following:  

  •  Research Integrity Policy and Procedures, pg 8
  •  Information regarding Data Collection in RGS, pg 27
  •  RGS PeRL Authorship Guidelines, pg 28
  •  Role of Teachers & Specialists, pg 35
  •  Singapore Statement of Research Integrity, pg 38
  •  Informed consent to participate in a research study, pg 41

Research Categories

Research in RGS consists of 2 categories: Academic Research and Practitioner Inquiry. The table describes the 2 categories as well as the process for proposal submission: