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No Research Category Project Title Investigator(s) Year Artifacts
1 Practitioner Inquiry Maximising Impact on Student Learning Mr Azahar Noor 2018 Available
2 Practitioner Inquiry Providing Multiple Pathways to Writing Poems in a Year 2 Poetry Creative Writing Unit for High-Ability Students Ms Jassie Teo 2018 Not Available
3 Practitioner Inquiry Review of RGS 1:1 Programme Mrs Tan Yin Lai 2018 Not Available
4 Practitioner Inquiry Using Interactive Approach to Teach Chinese Language as a Foreign Language Ms Ngiew Tian Hui, Ms Wang Yichun 2018 Not Available
5 Practitioner Inquiry Differentiated Instruction in Chinese Language Class Mrs Tan Bee Lain, Ms Tan Lee Khim 2018 Not Available
6 Practitioner Inquiry A Cross-Disciplinary Study OF Engagement In Teachers' Research Articles Ms Choo Li Lin, Ms Masturah Aziz 2018 Available
7 Practitioner Inquiry Using Quick Answer Game “Kahoot” in Teaching 限时抢答游戏Kahoot教学实践之考量 Mr Wong Chee Yeh, Ms Shen Mei Ling 2017 Not Available
8 Practitioner Inquiry Differentiating An Instructional Unit Using Layered Approach Mr Azahar Noor 2017 Not Available
9 Practitioner Inquiry Problems Posing in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Ms Lim Huey Miin, Ms Goh Li Meng 2017 Not Available
10 Practitioner Inquiry Inquiry-Based Learning for Lower Secondary Humanities Mrs Mak Wai Ling, Mrs Roslinda Chan, Mrs Lucille Yap 2016 Available
11 Practitioner Inquiry Facilitating Scientific Argumentation in a Chemistry Classroom Ms Doreen Loh 2016 Available
12 Practitioner Inquiry How has TokTol, an Online Adaptive Learning Tool, Improved Students’ Perception and Performance? Mr Foo Yong Wee Christopher 2016 Not Available
13 Practitioner Inquiry Affective Learning in Science Using Reversed Analogy Ms Angela Tan Poh Poh 2016 Available
14 Practitioner Inquiry What if some know more? The Place of the Biography Unit in RGS Year 2 English Language Instructional Programme Ms Tan Kum Chee 2016 Not Available
15 Practitioner Inquiry Tackling the New Oral Component in the GCE O Level Exam: A Research on Methodology and Application Ms Lee Szer Yuen, Ms Mu Jun 2016 Available
16 Practitioner Inquiry How Peer Tutoring Helps High Ability Girls Learn Better Mrs Lee Hwee Ling, Mrs Vivien Willamme, Mrs Leung Hui Leng 2016 Available
17 Practitioner Inquiry Effects of Portfolio Use as a Learning Tool on HML Students' Achievements and Reflective Practice Mdm Nuraini Abdul Gapor, Mdm Nurashikin Hanafi, Ms Fadhilah Ramli 2016 Not Available
18 Practitioner Inquiry Differentiated Instruction (DI) through Self Directed Learning (SDL) for High Ability Learners (HALs) Mrs Siti Raihana Abbas 2016 Not Available
19 Practitioner Inquiry Affective Learning in Science Using Reversed Analogy Ms Angela Tan Poh Poh 2016 Available
20 Practitioner Inquiry Mapping Ancient Southeast Asia for 21st Century Learners Mdm Aliah bte Mohamed Shariff 2016 Available
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