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No Research Category Project Title Investigator(s) Year Artifacts
21 Practitioner Inquiry Building Confidence in High Ability Learners through Visible Thinking in History Ms Syazwani Amrun 2016 Available
22 Practitioner Inquiry Error Analysis: Where Learning is the Cost of Errors Ms Goh Li Meng, Mrs Chew Meek Lin 2016 Available
23 Practitioner Inquiry Tracker and Differentiation Ms Angela Teo, Ms Sharon Siow 2015 Available
24 Academic Research The Role of a Professional Learning Community in Informing Teacher Practice: A Case Study in Raffles Girls' School Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz, Mrs Lucille Yap, Ms Tan Yen Chuan 2015 Available
25 Academic Research Meta-Analysis of Thinking Mrs Lucille Yap, Mr Azahar Md Noor, Mr Lim Er Yang, Mr Thomas Lee 2015 Not Available
26 Practitioner Inquiry Impact of Learning Chemistry Using Simulation Tools Mr Foo Yong Wee Christopher 2015 Available
27 Practitioner Inquiry Are You Ready for the Flipped Classroom? Mrs Chew Meek Lin 2015 Available
28 Practitioner Inquiry A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Teaching of Character and Leadership Education Programme Mrs Jassie Teo, Mrs Hasanah Alfie 2015 Available
29 Practitioner Inquiry Investigating the Generation-First-Instruction-Later Method for its Learning and Transfer Effects – A Proposal to Study Analogical Reasoning as the Generation Task Mrs Chew Meek Lin, Miss Lim Huey Miin, Mdm Ng Peck Wee, Ms Zhao Xuying 2015 Available
30 Practitioner Inquiry Effectiveness of Video as a Medium of Instruction Mrs Siti Raihana Abbas 2015 Available
31 Practitioner Inquiry Bring Your Own Device for non-RGS 1:1 Cohort Mr Azmizar Bin Abu 2014 Available
32 Practitioner Inquiry Evaluation of RICE: Impact and Areas for Improvement Mr Azahar M Noor 2014 Available
33 Practitioner Inquiry Effectiveness of Online Platforms in Enhancing Counselling Services in Schools Ms Michelle Koay 2014 Available
34 Practitioner Inquiry E-Portfolio in Mathematics - Students' Perceptions of Learning Mathematics Mr Samuel Lee, Ms Goh Li Meng 2014 Available
35 Practitioner Inquiry Enhancing the Effectiveness of Learning Journey based on Experiential Learning Mdm Nuraini Abdul Gapor, Mdm Safiah Ani, Mdm Norliza Abdul Hamid 2014 Available
36 Practitioner Inquiry Understanding Learning Needs in RGS: Through the Lens of the Tuition Phenomenon Mrs Leung Hui Leng, Mrs Shirley Tan, Dr Jarina Peer 2014 Available
37 Academic Research Differentiated Instructions for High Ability Diverse Learners in a Regular Classroom: A Case Study in an Independent School Ms Tan Yen Chuan, Mr Azahar Md Noor 2014 Not Available
38 Practitioner Inquiry Active Learning in Chemistry – The Flipped Way Ms Doreen Loh 2014 Available
39 Practitioner Inquiry Using Effective Questions to Enhance the Students' Higher Order Thinking Ms Shen Mei Ling, Ms Lim Lan Theen, Ms Ong Fui Ping 2014 Available
40 Practitioner Inquiry Performance Task using Video Analysis and Modelling Mr Leong Tze Kwang 2013 Available
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