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No Research Category Project Title Investigator(s) Year Artifacts
41 Academic Research The Information Management Practices of RGS PeRL: A Case Study Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz 2013 Available
42 Practitioner Inquiry Impact of Digital Technology on Formative and Summative Assessments of Concepts in Sound for High-Ability Learners Ms Sharon Siow Seau Yan 2013 Available
43 Practitioner Inquiry The Development of Community of Inquiry Skills and Dispositions in Philosophy in Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls’ School Mr Lim Er Yang, Ms Ong Shu Juin, Ms Kristie Tay (RI), Mr Ng Chong Jin (RI) 2013 Not Available
44 Practitioner Inquiry Cooperative Learning as an Effective Learning Tool across Multiple Disciplines Ms Angela Teo, Mrs Mak Wai Ling, Ms Ong Shu Juin 2013 Available
45 Academic Research Gifted Females’ Attitudes and Perceptions of Learning Environment in Technology-Based Science Classrooms in Singapore Mrs Sundari Prama, Professor Barry Fraser (Curtin University, Perth) 2013 Not Available
46 Academic Research Nurturing the Reflective Practitioner: The Benefits and Challenges of Practitioner Inquiry: Teachers’ Perspectives Ms Tan Yen Chuan, Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz, Dr Jarina Peer 2013 Available
47 Academic Research Teacher Belief and Effective Use of Technology in Teaching & Learning Mr Alvin Tan, Dr Jarina Peer 2013 Available
48 Practitioner Inquiry The Value of Class Participation as an Assessment Tool in the English Language Classroom Ms Choo Li Lin, Ms Stella Picca 2013 Available
49 Academic Research Education Beyond 2015 Mrs Mary George Cheriyan, Ms Masturah Aziz, Mrs Lucille Yap, Dr Jarina Peer 2013 Available
50 Practitioner Inquiry Impact of Assessing Digital Writing on the Performance of High-Ability Students Ms Jassie Teo, Mrs. Hasanah Alfie 2013 Available
51 Practitioner Inquiry Teaching Kinematics using Video Tracker Software Mr Thio Cher Kuan 2013 Available
52 Practitioner Inquiry Developing and Enhancing Higher Tamil Pupils’ Point of View Writing Skills Mr Kumbalingam Uthaman, Mr Sambandam Mohan 2012 Available
53 Practitioner Inquiry How Teachers’ Disciplinary Background and Experience Influence their Use of Evaluative Resources Ms Choo Li Lin 2012 Available
54 Academic Research Integrated Programme Study Ms Tan Ming Ming, Dr Quek Chwee Geok, Ms May Tan, Mrs Mary George Cheriyan 2012 Available
55 Practitioner Inquiry Ruminating on Rubric Ms Tham Kum Chee, Ms Choo Li Lin, Ms Christie Chan, Ms Tan Yong Yeong 2012 Available
56 Academic Research The Performance Task as an Alternative Assessment for High Ability Learners in Raffles Girls’ School: Contribution to Teaching and Learning Mrs Mary George Cheriyan, Ms Tan Yen Chuan, Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz, Mr Christopher Slatter, Mrs Lucille Yap 2012 Available
57 Practitioner Inquiry Analysis and Evaluation of the Use of Critical Thinking Skills in the Chinese Language Curriculum by Teachers from an Independent Secondary School in Singapore Ms Tan Yen Chuan 2012 Available
58 Practitioner Inquiry Effective Questioning, Effective Learning Mrs Lucille Yap, Mr Yeo Jun Han 2011 Available
59 Practitioner Inquiry Efficacy of Self and Peer Evaluation via Voice Thread (ICT) and Hardcopy as Assessment Tools to Improve Writing Skills Ms Loy Hui Nin, Ms Tan Yen Chuan, Mr Tan Yuh-Huann, Mr Lim Chin Nam 2011 Available
60 Academic Research RaM 2011 Programme Evaluation Mr Michael Jalleh, Mr Alvin Tan Peng Hong, Mr Christopher Ow 2011 Available
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