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E-Portfolio in Mathematics - Students' Perceptions of Learning Mathematics

Project Type: Practitioner Inquiry
Discipline: Mathematics
Duration: 10/2014 - 06/2015
Domain: Assessments


Eportfolio math.jpgCan the traditional pen and paper assessment give the teachers a full picture and clear understanding of their students’ learning and understanding? As the emphasis for making teaching, learning, assessment and feedback an integrated and holistic cycle continues (Shepard, 2000; Hargreaves, 2005; Brown and Peterson, 2009), the importance of assessment for learning and as learning has gained importance in engaging and motivating learners (Black and Wiliam, 1998; Ministry of Education, Singapore, 2009a; Wiliam, 2011).

This is a study of how the use of reflections in a e-portfolio; a selection of students’ work over a period of time, could help a student to self-assess and hence self-regulate (Asturias, 1994; Mueller, 2014). The eportfolio is simultaneously an assessment as learning and assessment for learning incorporating elements of self-assessment and peer assessment in the form of comments for their peers after reading their reflections. At the same time, the students’ reflections also serve as evidence for evaluating the curriculum framework (Stufflebeam, D. L., 1983) and as feedback for the teacher’s reflective practice and self-assessment (Shepard, 2000; Leahy, Lyon, Thompson and Wiliam, 2005). Findings from the study created greater awareness of students perceptions of learning Mathematics and assessment hence improving the lesson and assessment design.

Research Personnel:

InvestigatorMr Samuel Lee
Ms Goh Li Meng
 AdvisorMrs Chew Meek Lin

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