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Education Beyond 2015

Project Type: Academic Research - Collaborative
Discipline: Others - Interdisciplinary
Duration: 07/2013 - 12/2013
Domain: Pedagogical Approaches


This study describes typical pedagogical approaches deployed in schools aimed at fostering 21st Century competencies. It makes a case for a teacher-training approach that models the intended learning environment such as blended learning and reflective practice so that teacher-trainees can learn to teach in those ways as well. The study also reveals the tension between acknowledging the value of transversal skills and translating them to classroom practice. One fear is that the focus on transversal skills may retard exam preparation and dispositions. For the entire system to operate on the new norms, all stakeholders, which include the parents, will need to embrace the changes. This study highlights individuals and schools who have been able to innovate on their practices amidst these transitional challenges. These instances prove that high-stakes exams and a thinking, collaborative culture are not necessarily mutually exclusive. What is important is the clarity of learning outcomes and the willingness of individuals and institutions to respond to the realities of the day and the learners’ needs

This project was in collaboration with UNESCO.

Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Mrs Mary George Cheriyan PeRL
Investigator Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz
 Investigator  Mrs Lucille Yap
 Investigator  Dr Jarina Peer

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