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Error Analysis: Where Learning is the Cost of Errors

Project Type: Practitioner Inquiry 
Discipline: Mathematics
Duration: 01/2016 - 07/2016
Domain: Pedagogical Approaches


In mathematics education, it has been acknowledged that errors can be a powerful tool to diagnose learning gaps and 
consequently direct remediation. With this limited conception of errors as signals that gaps exist in the learning process and that remediation is needed, teachers often overlook the potential of errors to foster students’ critical and metacognitive thinking. 

This study investigated the use of error analysis as an assessment tool to (1) probe the nature of students’ thinking about the problem, (2) surface any similar misconceptions held by the students, and (3) gather evidence of the extent to which students are progressing to meet the learning outcomes. In particular, this study will 

• highlight the development and implementation of error analysis tasks for 410 Year 2 and 450 Year 4 students; and 
• focus on how error analysis supports learning, teaching and assessment practices. 


Research Personnel:

InvestigatorMs Goh Li MengMathematics
InvestigatorMs Kwek Meek LinMathematics

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