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Evaluation of RICE: Impact and Areas for Improvement

Project Type: Practitioner InquiryDiscipline: Others - Internationalization
Duration: 02/2014 - 12/2014
Domain: Programme Evaluation


In 2014, RGS initiated a Regional Immersion and Community Exploration (RICE) Programme for Year 2 students. It aims to achieve 4 outcomes: (i) global mindset, (ii) socio-cultural intelligence (iii) citizenship and (iv) reflective disposition. This study aims to assess the extent in which these stated outcomes were achieved. 

One important factor that will determine the success of RICE is teachers’ facilitation skills. As such, the study also aims to assess teachers’ competence in facilitation skills and identify challenges that they face. This study will outline areas for improvements for RICE 2015.

Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Mr Azahar M Noor
Internationalization; Humanities
Advisor Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz

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