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How Peer Tutoring Helps High Ability Girls Learn Better

Project Type: Practitioner Inquiry
Discipline: Aesthetics
Duration: 01/2015 - 07/2016
Domain: Pedagogical Approaches


All students have different entry level in terms of practical skills in sewing. Teachers provide individual facilitation and guidance on a one-to one basis. It is time consuming and frustrating as the students have to wait for the teacher to guide them individually. There is no focused facilitation based on their entry level. There is no structured collaborative learning/peer coaching and definitely no feedback on the learning of the proficient use of sewing equipment. This research aims to find out how effective combination differentiated instruction and peer coaching is in helping students learn better.

Research Personnel:

InvestigatorMrs Lee Hwee LingAesthetics
InvestigatorMrs Vivien WillammeAesthetics
 AdvisorMrs Leung Hui Leng PeRL 

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