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Integrated Programme Study


Project Type: Academic Research - On-Site
Discipline: Others - Cross Disciplines
Duration: 02/2012 - 12/2012
Domain: Programme Evaluation


The purpose of this study is to:

    1. Offer insights on the impact of school-based innovations
    2. Enable IP schools to take stock of their own progress & plan forward
    3. Guide the expansion of IP

The logic model will be used to show what the programme aims to accomplish by examining the chain of connections; i.e., how the Programme investments and inputs contribute to the outputs and hence, the outcomes. The outcomes are examined in terms of the short term, medium & long term.



Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Ms Tan Ming Ming MOE, Singapore
Investigator Dr Quek Chwee Geok MOE, Singapore
Investigator Ms May Tan Senior Management
Investigator Mrs Mary George Cheriyan PeRL

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