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Performance Task using Video Analysis and Modelling

Project Type: Practitioner InquiryDiscipline: Science - Physics

Duration: 01/2013 - 08/2014
Domain: Assessments, Curriculum Design, Digital Literacies, Higher-Order Thinking Instruction, Pedagogical Approaches


This project will share on the use of Tracker as a pedagogical tool in the effective learning and teaching of physics performance tasks taking root in some Singapore Grade 9 schools. We discuss how the pedagogical use of Tracker helps students to be like scientists in these 6 to 10 weeks where all Grade 9 students are to conduct a personal video analysis and where appropriate the 8 practices of sciences (1. ask question, 2. use models, 3. Plan and carry out investigation, 4. Analyse and interpret data, 5. Using mathematical thinking, 6. Construct explanations, 7. Discuss from evidence and 8. Communicating information).

We will situate our sharing on actual students’ work and discuss how tracker could be an effective pedagogical tool. Initial research findings suggest that allowing learners conduct performance task using Tracker, a free open source video analysis and modelling tool, guided by the 8 practices of sciences and engineering, could be an innovative and effective way to mentor authentic and meaningful learning.

This project was in collaboration with River Valley High School, National Junior College and Evergreen Secondary School.

Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Mr Leong Tze Kwang
Investigator Mr Thio Cher Kuan Science
Investigator Ms Sharon Siow Science
 InvestigatorsTeachers from River Valley High School, National Junior College & Evergreen Secondary School
Advisor Dr Jarina Peer

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