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The Information Management Practices of RGS PeRL: A Case Study

Project Type: Academic Research - Autonomous
Discipline: Others - Knowledge Management
Duration: 01/2013 - 05/2013
Domain: Programme Evaluation


The rapidly evolving nature of the education landscape, particularly in the 21st century, has challenged schools to adopt new paradigms in order to reinvent themselves and keep up with new frontiers in education.  In light of such reforms, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), an educational institution for high ability girls, established the RGS Pedagogical Research Lab (RGS PeRL) in 2010 to focus its efforts on providing best practices, research, support and training in educational practices and instructional pedagogies. 

Drawing upon the characteristics of a learning organization, this study aims to analyse the information management practices of RGS PeRL  to look at how it has managed to “integrate people and structures in order to move toward continuous learning and change” (Senge, 1993). The focus of the study revolves around the acquisition, creation and application of knowledge to underpin success.

Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Ms Masturah Abdul Aziz PeRL
Supervisor Assoc Professor Shaheen Majid
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU, Singapore

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