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The Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling in a Secondary School


Project Type: Practitioner Inquiry
Discipline: Mathematics
Duration: 01/2011 - 11/2011
Domain: Pedagogical Approaches



The mathematics curriculum in Singapore is designed around a framework with “Mathematical Problem Solving” as the central focus (Ministry of Education, 2001). With increased emphasis on twenty-first century skills, the framework was revised to include Applications and modelling as one of the mathematical processes for fostering problem-solving skills. As a result, there has been increased attention on mathematical modelling in the mathematics classroom in recent years. This paper documents the exploratory approach taken by teachers in Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) to incorporate mathematical modelling into the school’s mathematics curriculum; as well as to examine students’ learning as they engaged themselves in the modelling activities. In this study, the understanding of mathematical modelling is based on four main elements of the modelling cycle: "mathematization", solution, interpretation and reflection. The development of these competencies presented both benefits and challenges to teachers and students. The findings present preliminary evidence of how the learning environment, teachers’ instruction, task design, students’ performance and evaluation can contribute positively towards the use of mathematical modelling as a pedagogical approach and a learning tool for students to think and apply their mathematical knowledge.


Research Personnel:

Role Name Department
Investigator Ms Kwek Meek Lin Mathematics
Investigator Ms Ko Hak Chin Mathematics

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