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Using Effective Questions to Enhance the Students' Higher Order Thinking

Project Type: Practitioner Inquiry - Collaborative
Discipline: Languages
Duration: 03/2014 - 08/2014
Domain: Higher Order Thinking Instruction 


在本研究中,裕廊西中学、耘青中学、莱佛士女中合作,研究有效提问和反馈策略是否能提高学生回答高层次问题的能力。本研究的对象是低年级学生:裕廊西中学的中一快捷学生 、耘青中学的中二快捷学生、及莱佛士女中的中一高华学生。老师运用提问和反馈策略设题,用课堂口头提问和测验方式运用提问与反馈,通过比较学生的前后测,从中量出学生们的进步。在提问的过程中,很多学生在回答高层次问题时的表现进步:学生懂得针对题目作答, 答案也更加完整, 并懂得从多角度思考。

This study investigates whether effective questions would enhance students’ higher order thinking. The study focused on Lower Secondary students: Secondary 1 Express Chinese students from Jurong West Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express Chinese students from Yuan Ching Secondary School, and Secondary 1 Higher Chinese students from Raffles Girls’ Secondary. Teachers crafted questions using questioning and reflective strategies and used verbal and written mediums to expose students to these questions. Via a pre- and post- investigation test, teachers then evaluated students’ improvements in higher order thinking. Many students were found to have improved during the course of the study, understanding how to examine questions from different angles and answer questions precisely and fully.

This project was in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Research Personnel:

InvestigatorMs Shen Mei LingLanguages
InvestigatorMs Lim Lan TheenLanguages, Jurong West Secondary School
Investigator Ms Ong Fui PingLanguages, Yuan Ching Secondary School 
SupervisorMs Li Dong Mei  Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE, Singapore
Supervisor Mr Lim Chin Nam  Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE, Singapore
 AdvisorMs Tan Yen Chuan PeRL 

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