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RGS PeRL Resource Portal

RGS PeRL is pleased to introduce a one-stop resource portal for the professional needs of RGS staff. It incorporates Web Resources, In-house RGS PeRL resources as well as resources from Read@Academy, a specialised library for those in the education service.

Links and descriptions of these resources can be found below:

RGS PeRL Resource Portal

Web Resources

There are over 50 links to open-access web resources which include guides for conducting practitioner research such as quantitative and qualitative data analysis as well as award-winning education blogs focusing on technology integration and flipped classroom.


Read@Academy is a specialised library by Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) which aims to provide quality information resources and services to support the professional and personal development of educational officers. It is a free membership for MOE teachers, Allied Educators (AEDs) and Executive Administrative Staff (EAS), and is also extended to all staff at RGS.

RGS staff who have not signed up may do so directly with Read@Academy to get access to these resources.

Below are useful links to various Read@Academy resources:


Database which provides access to e-books, e-journals and digitalized theses on education research and development.


Reading list which includes categories such as Action Research, Blended Learning, and Educational Assessment. Book cover and catalogue information are provided in the list for easier retrieval.


Circular which features the latest resources for leaders, teachers and researchers for quick access to books and articles.


Information on how to sign up for the Read@Academy membership.

School Delivery Service

Information on the delivery service for reserved items to the school as well as return of items.