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Proposal Submission

** Proposal Submission has been extended til 28 Feb 2018

Please click here to submit a proposal.

Strands of Symposium

Strand 1Inquiry Into Pedagogy

This strand focuses on how teachers inform their own practice by conducting Practitioner Inquiry/ Action Research. They may share how they investigate the issues and how the findings are harnessed to  shed light on what works in the classroom for quality learning.

Strand 2:  Information Literacy for Knowledge Building

This strand focuses on how classroom practitioners facilitate students’ information-processing skills for knowledge building. They may share high-yielding instructional strategies that they have adapted for their classroom.


Modes of Presentation

Presentations can be conducted in either of these 3 modes:

Workshop/ICT demonstrations:This format offers a platform for discussing a broad range of emerging and specialized topics pertaining to the symposium strand. Presenters elaborate on innovative approaches in teaching and learning practice, and facilitate understanding through learning-by-doing and constructive dialogue. Presentations should be brief as these workshops are more interactive and less formal. Presenters are to lead participants through relevant activities, such as discussions or group brainstorming sessions.

Round Table Discussion: This forum allows for discussion on a particular topic of the symposium strand. The panel comprises up to 3 speakers, including a chairperson. It begins with a 20 minute presentation followed by a 25-minute discussion which is open to the floor.

Paper Presentation: This presentation outlines an issue  or an area of research being explored, including its conceptual underpinnings, findings and a conclusion. Presenters may use slides and/or posters to communicate the content of the paper. This will be followed by a 10-min question & answer segment at the end of the session.

Each session will be 40 mins long.

Submit papers to be published in our biennial magazine, Insights.

We invite submissions of papers/articles for publication in RGS PeRL's biennial research magazine, Insights. Our latest issue will be published in December 2018. Papers are to be submitted by September 2018. More information will be provided at a later time.